A Muddy Pond called Australia (The Election Story Which Woke Australians to Their Common Law Rights and Responsibilities)

Once upon a time the Muddy Pond called Australia was pristine & pure, it gave the Green Frogs,

<">”regardless of race or creed, a happy life with RIGHTS & FREEDOM.

To protect these RIGHTS & FREEDOM a group of Green Frogs under spiritual guidance, wrote the Constitution to protect the Green Frogs from the Giant Black Cane Toad, who pretended to be a Green Frog so he could own the world plus 10% and make Green Frogs his slaves without them realising it.

The Green Frogs Constitution said that the Power was theirs. But sadly the Giant Black Cane Toad was able to bribe the Green Frogs in the Parliament into becoming Toads, they constantly tricked the Green Frogs into giving up some of their Rights & Freedom by making promises and offering bribes, but failed to get them all, because the majority of Green Frogs woke up for a moment, they rejected the idea of a Republic as they saw this would remove the Constitution and all their rights.

One day the INTERNET came to the Muddy Pond called Australia. Suddenly the Young Green Frogs who always asked questions of each other because MUM & DAD were too busy to listen, were now able to talk to each other all over the country. They now demanded that Mum & Dad tell them what happened to the pristine & pure pond, now known as “A Muddy Pond called Australia”.

The Mums & Dads of the young Green Frogs could only cry and say they were sorry, they were too busy working, watching TV, Sports and allowing themselves to be told what to think & do and so they never saw the loss of the Pristine and Pure Pond.

In shock, all the young Green Frogs via the Internet decided they would fix the Muddy Pond called Australia.

The Young Green Frogs did a Google search and found that some old Green frogs have been trying to save the Muddy Pond called Australia, so they carefully read all that was on www.saveoz.info They found it contained a book written by a Green Frog who refused to become a Toad, His name was Arthur Chresby and the book is called “Your Will be Done” it showed the Young Green frogs what to do.

The Young Green Frogs told their Parents and friends that in an election if they put a line through all the names on the ballot paper and wrote on it “None of these candidates meet my requirements” and initial it, using an ink pen/texta (so the Toads can’t rub it out) they were signifying that they wanted none of the toads on the paper and wanted a new election with new Green Frogs as the sacked Toads cannot apply again for the job. If 41% or more do this then the Governor General has to call a new election with all new candidates as the previous had been well and truly sacked.

The Green frogs also found its important to note that you do not require ID when you get your name crossed of the roll, one must wonder why this is so? Therefore to prevent fraudulent use of your name at other booths, they recommended that you initial your name when it’s crossed off. After the election you can then ask to check all electoral rolls for your electorate to see if your name has been used by others if so then you have a case of fraud being committed and this makes the election Null and Void.

The New Green Frogs would fix the Muddy Pond called Australia and fervently promise in writing to never become a Toad, or do the bidding of the Great Black Cane Toad. They would only abide by the Will of the Green Frogs, because they saw all the Green Frogs had learnt how to exercise their power under the Constitution and to think for themselves.

Overnight A Muddy Pond called Australia was transformed back into the country it use to be and the Toads were desperately trying to become Green Frogs again in order to survive.

Can be reproduced and distributed on the proviso that the content is not altered or part used in any way without the Authors written permission.


2 Responses to “A Muddy Pond called Australia (The Election Story Which Woke Australians to Their Common Law Rights and Responsibilities)”

  1. Janina Gorbal Simons Says:

    I dont know if this is connected with savoz.info. but all links go nowhere,,,,, how do I find saveoz??? TU Janina


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